Mackenzie + Sarah | Proposal

21 Sep 2016

On Friday I had the absolute privilege of shooting a very special moment in Sarah and Mackenzies's relationship. The exact moment he asked Sarah to be his wife.


It started a few months ago at a birthday party when Mackenzie revealed to me that he was planning to propose to his longtime girlfriend Sarah. He showed me the ring he was having designed and we decided that it would be amazing to capture the moment forever (something that I had dreamt of doing for someone for the last 3 years!)


We ended up having a few meetings, to plan out a few details and plot how we would make the proposal happen and how we would get the photos. When Macca decided that he wanted to propose in Akaroa at sunset, we soon realised that hiding in a bush probably wasn't going to work. It was pure coincidence that at the same time I had been doing a couples session giveaway, and Sarah had commented on my post to win it. So I 'drew' two random winners and behold - Sarah won one of them!


Flash forward a few months and we had a date picked! Macca told Sarah on the morning of the proposal that he had two surprises for her, a facial/massage and the couples shoot as I was 'conveniently' in Akaroa too......what luck! She still had no idea that there was more to the shoot than just a few couples photos. The ring had been designed by the amazing Unique Jewellers in Ashburton, and had been kept safe at my home for over a month. Sarah was told my wonderful partner Trent was learning to shoot with me so was tagging along for the shoot - she was unaware he was also carrying the very important ring in his camera bag.


So we picked them up around 4.30pm and shot off around the back of the hills to start the session. There was some smooth talking and no apparent nerves on Macca's part and after stopping at two gorgeous locations, the light was beginning to fade. So we made our way to the final spot. It was blustery and very cloudy and not quite the incredible warm sunset type day that Macca had originally envisioned, but there was a tiny strip of sky where there was no cloud, so I crossed my fingers and toes...


Right as we arrived at the final spot I could see that the sun was going to come out for just a few minutes before it disappeared below the hills, so we literally made Sarah and Macca run out onto an airstrip in the paddock overlooking the Akaroa Heads. I told Sarah that I wanted to get a few photos of her by herself which was just to distract the fact Macca was getting the ring out of Trent's camera bag

Seconds later Mackenzie had the ring and was making his way back to Sarah. The rest is a blur of tears and squealing..... Take a look at some of the images and enjoy this incredible moment with us


- Sarah XX


Gear | Nikon D750 + D810, Nikon 85mm 1.4G, 58mm 1.4G, 35 1.4G


 The first adventure was through a tiny trail of overgrown gorse and bush - they were such troopers and the views were so worth it!

How gorgeous is spot one??!! 

 Sarah even scored a piggyback to the car - such a gentleman!

 Spot two was this epic empty paddock of tree stumps. But boy it was so freezing and windy. Check out Sarah's hair!


 This is the final spot. Check out that tiny slither of sun peeking through!

 Time to get the ring - This is when I distracted Sarah with a few 'individual' portraits... ;)

...and just like that, the amazing light was gone...


 Congratulations so much Mackenzie & Sarah and thank you so much for sharing your big moment with us <3


Sarah & Trent XX










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